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Kern County's New
Policy on Feral Cats
Critters Without Litters
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      Trap Neuter Return Services:

To reduce the population through humanely sterilizing the stray/feral cat population.

Cats are trapped overnight in traps that hold a single cat, transported to vet clinic from location caught, held overnight at the clinic, and released back to property the next morning. Cats are transported in an air conditioned vehicle, and covers are used to keep the cats calm.  Trapping, transport to and from Critters Without litters clinic, sterilization, rabies vaccination, FVRCP vaccine, and ear tipping is included in the price of the Diamond and Gold packages.  Cats must be at least 12 weeks of age and three pounds.

 All services are provided by appointment only.

Residential Service Fees:
Bakersfield and greater Bakersfield area)
  •  Delivery and set up of traps: fees start at $45.00
  • Trapping, transport to vet clinic, spay/neuter + vaccinations +ear tipping and return transport to property: fees start at $100.00 per cat. (includes spay/neuter) 
  • Daily checking of traps in the morning and re-setting of traps in the eveningfees start at $45.00 per day.  This fee is optional if client is willing to close and re-bait/re-set traps.
Trap Rental Fees:
  • Trap rental fees start at $35.00 for one trap, delivered to client's home or business, and picked up when client is finished. Add additional $10.00 per trap.  (up to two weeks)  Deposit required
Commercial Service Fees: (Bakersfield and greater Bakersfield area)
  • Up to ten traps are delivered, set up at 4:00 am , traps are collected by 7:30 am, trapped cats are dropped off at vet's office for spay/neuter + vaccinations +ear-tipping, and then returned: fees start at $200 per day (whether we catch a cat or not), and $100 per cat. (fees include spay/neuter.)
  What we do:  Deliver traps, set traps, bait traps, and provide covers for traps in the late after noon-evening.  Client calls in the morning to let us know if there are cats in traps.  (if you cannot check traps in the mornings, or re-set/re-bait traps in the evenings there will be additional fees.  See above).  Cats are picked up in the mornings, and delivered to vet's office, and returned to your property when cat is ready.

       Additional services: (prices are subject to change)
  • Flea treatment for cats having surgery $13.00
  • FELV/FIV combo test $20.00

Trapping with Delivery to Kern County Animal Control:
Prices start at:$35.00 set up and delivery of traps
           $45.00 per cat 
                        $35.00 per day to check/re-bait traps.  If client can close traps in the morning and reset/re-bait traps in the evening this fee is waived.
 If you have a large number of cats please call for quote, and we will also make an appointment with KCAC if they are willing to receive more cats per day.     

 KCAC will accept two feral cats a day (infant kittens counted as one.)  Cats will be assessed for adopt-ability, and health by KCAC.  KCAC will decide whether or not to spay/neuter and return the cat to the property from which it came. For complaints or concerns about the cats being returned  call 321-3000, this policy is mandated by KCAC and not Bakersfield Cat Control.  When cats are received by KCAC they will decide the fate of the cat(s).  Warning: if you are using KCAC as a means to have your feral cats spayed/neutered there is no guarantee that the cats will be coming back as it is up to their discretion once they receive the cats. Bakersfield Cat Control cannot be held liable for cats returned or not returned.   
*Infant kittens are kittens that are young enough that they don't require trapping.
Kern County's New Policy on Feral Cats

About us:  We have been providing feral cat trapping services since 2007.  Received training on feral cat trapping, and transporting through the Fix Nation Clinic in Burbank in 2011.  Cats are transported in an air conditioned vehicle, covers are used to keep the cats calm, and our traps are professional traps by Tomahawk brand traps, made in the USA.  We take pride in our work and our business continues to operate though the needs of our clients.  The foundation of our business was built on our client’s needs.  Listening to our clients has helped us thrive and run a successful business.  

What we need from you:
  • You must own the property we are trapping on or have the landlords permission.
  • How many cats are there? (be ready with a rough estimate).  We need to know how many traps to bring. (maximum 10 traps per day)
  • Make sure sprinklers are turned off if we need to trap in the area where the traps can get wet.
  • Please be sure that your own pets are inside your house or garage to prevent them from being trapped or setting off the traps.
  • Stop feeding the cats that are to be trapped the day of our arrival.  If we arrive and the cats have a “buffet” available we reserve the right to refuse service.
  • You need to be home at the time of delivery of traps to count the traps, and know where the traps are located as well as fill out a form.
  • Pick up of traps can be done when no one is home as long as we have access to the traps, and a check is left for us for payment of services.
  • Payment for services is due upon return of cat from the vet clinic.
Why people hire us?

 Many people find themselves in a situation of having too many cats that are not spayed/neutered, and are breeding out of control.  Often when this happens many people don't have the ability or time to trap, and remove the cats themselves.  We are not out to trap people's pets but we do advise people to make sure their pets have collars on their cats so that we don't accidentally trap a pet.  We do understand that a cat with a tipped ear has been spayed/neutered. already.
What's TNR?  Trap Neuter Return-  Some people with feral colonies want to keep their cats, but they don't want them to continue to breed so TNR is an option for some people.
What happens if the cats go to Kern County Animal Control?  Once the cats are delivered to Kern County Animal Control it it up to KCAC to determine their fate.
What's a feral cat?
Cats that have never been socialized or have been abandoned by their owners.
I have some pet cats that I no longer want, can you take them?  If you are the owner and the cats are friendly then we prefer that you take the cats to KCAC yourself.  If you are disabled and unable to care for the cats or they are friendly strays that wandered onto your property then yes we will be glad to help you.  Kern County Animal Control charges a surrender fee for pets so expect to pay for their charges and ours.
Why can't you find homes for the cats? We are not a rescue.  If you want the cat to have a new home then it is suggested that you call and find a rescue to take the cat(s).






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