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We Accept:
Kern County's New
Policy on Feral Cats
Kern County Animal Services
Critters Without Litters
City of Bakersfield Animal Care Center - Animal Control Unit
Neuter Vouchers - Friends of the Kern County Animal Shelters Foundation
Kern Humane Society  661-325-2589
Alley Cat Allies - A step-by-step guide to Trap-Neuter-Return

Bakersfield Cat Control is a business that offers trap rentals and transport of feral cats.  We are not a rescue.  Our professional cage traps (Tomahawk live traps) are ideal for capturing feral cats, and our professional coaching services help you set it up properly and monitor it correctly.  Our professional traps rarely fail, and are sensitive enough to catch a frog.  Laws require cats be delivered to the local animal control shelter, they will determine if the cat is feral or not, or get it back to its rightful owner.  Another option is to deliver the feral cat to a local vet for spay/neuter and return back to the property from which they came (Also known as TNR.)  Traps are delivered Friday or Monday afternoons.  Emergencies are an additional fee.

   Rates start at $45 for trap delivery.


      1.    Delivery to your home

      2.    Instruction on how to use the traps

      3.    Bait if needed

      4.    Trapping tips if you are struggling to trap a cat, all you need to do is call.

      5.    We pick up of the traps when finished.

      6.    You can trap and transport cats yourself or call us to transport cats for an additional fee.

***WeeklyTrap rental applies after first two weeks: $10.00 /per week /per trap.


Feral cat pick up fee starts at ….. $45. (See Below)

Delivery to:

      1.    Vet……..$45 per pick up, (up to two cats), add $10.00 for each additional cat trapped overnight. 

Does not include spay/neuter or vet bills (Critters Without Litters add $55.00 per cat) Free Spay/neuter for 08/06 county residents while funding is available (not city.)  We take care of making the appointments for CWL. All cats are returned to your address.


      2.    City shelter….$45.00 per pick up (two cats in a day max.) 


       3.    County shelter…..$55.00 per pick up (two cats in one day max)  **Client responsible for making arrangements with Kern County Animal Shelter to receive cats or add an extra $20.00 per pick up.  Note: County shelter spays/neuters and returns healthy cats to your address.


Full Service Cat Trapping

$45 per day (whether we catch a cat or not) + $45 delivery and set up of traps. This service is for those who don’t want to deal with any aspect of trapping cats and would rather have Bakersfield Cat Control do everything including daily checking on the traps. This fee includes us checking the traps every 24 hours between the hours of 7am-930am.  







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