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About us:

Bakersfield Cat Control started in June of 2007.  We have trapped for many Kern county residents and businesses including Walmart, Denny’s, Kohl’s, Sam’s Club, Pepsi Cola warehouse etc….

Our trapper has had training through Petsmart Charities, and the Fix Nation Clinic in Burbank on humanely handling feral cats.  We encourage TNR (Trap/Neuter/Release), but we understand that not all cats can be returned in some cases.  If we trap a cat with a surgically tipped ear, both local animal control locations will not accept it and it will need to be released.

We provide clean sanitized traps with trap covers, and information on how to trap. 


Trap Rental Agreement

Rules / Policies for customers renting feral cat traps:

You are responsible and accept responsibility for the humane treatment for all cats trapped, during the trapping effort up until the time the cat is removed.

Traps are to be kept in the shade allowing animals to be protected from direct sunlight.

You will be required to water down the animal or cool it down with a mild temperature water hose 3-times daily until pick up is performed during warm weather conditions or close the traps during the day and reset at night to avoid trapping cats in hot weather.

You are required to have the animal removed within 24-hours of capture.

Traps will need to be checked between 7:00 am and 9:00 am each morning for cats going to the shelter and by 7am for cats going to the vet  you will need to report any cats in traps by phone 661-616-8182.  

If you catch something that is not a cat and you want it removed you will need to contact a local game trapper immediately since will only deal with feral cats.






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